We have already spoken about innovation in garments. In the wearable post a few weeks ago, or in the Piñatex one (fabrics made from pineapple fibres).
What do you think about the new textile trends?
The truth is that applications and technologies used are increasingly surprising.

Today we’ll speak about the two new trends we have just learned about.


A t-shirt that gets clean just by drying it in the sun

I do not know if it will be successful in the North, but it is definitely a solution for all those “dry clean” clothes.

The Applied Materials & Interfaces magazine said that Chinese researchers have already achieved it. Their invention is a cotton fabric covered by titanium dioxide and nitrogen nanoparticles and an extra layer of silver iodide.

Sunlight makes these elements work together forcing the electrons to separate and to remove dirt. To test whether the invention was effective, engineers stained the fabrics with orange dye and exposed them to the sun: two hours later 71% of the stain was gone.

In addition, the self-cleaning ability remains after washing with water and drying the garment, allowing to continue using the “classic” method of washing clothes while the new “dry” technology is also available.

And t-shirts that cure back pain
A team of scientists from the University of Granada are developing a smart fabric that selectively administers drugs responding to stimuli such as light, temperature and pH.
Researchers are working to immobilise the drugs in the very fine fibres of these tissues, which would release their dose in response to certain external stimuli. Besides, the application would be very useful for the chronically ill, who could stop worrying about schedules and pill calendars.

Skin diseases such as psoriasis, warts or melanoma may also be treated.

“The drug is more efficiently assimilated because it is gradually released,” says Antonio Luis Medina, director of NanoMyp, the spinoff of the University of Granada that is developing the project.
Will any of our brands dare betting on something so innovative? No doubt it is an excellent strategy from the marketing point of view. We will have to consider it.